Dive Recorder - Instructions

Dive Recorder


You will need to take the following steps in order to correctly submit your dive sheets for all Diving Victoria events.  We recommend that you consult with your coach before submitting your dives.

  1. Go to the Dive Recorder website http://www.diverecorder.co.uk
  2. Click on Online Sheets
  3. Click on Select Meet
  4. Choose the Meet you wish to compete
  5. Enter your details: name, club, etc. You will need to enter a team code (only one):
  • DV - Diving Victoria (No Club)
  • DVDS - Diving Victoria Dive School
  • ACDC - ACDC Elite Diving
  • BEN - Bendigo Divers
  • DS - Diving Sunraysia
  • DVE - Diamond Valley Eltham Aquatics
  • MA - MelAm
  • MEDA - Melbourne Elite Diving Academy
  • MDC - Mentone Diving Club
  • PLC - PLC Aquatics
  • RDC - Ringwood Diving Club
  • SDC - Slipstream
  • SKAC - St. Kevin's Aquatics
  • WH - Whitehorse

6.    Choose an Event

7.    Fill in your dive sheet


  • C - Tuck
  • B - Pike
  • A - Straight
  • D - Free

8.    Repeat steps 6 & 7 for each event you have entered

9.    Check and make any necessary corrections

10.  Finally, Submit your sheets. Or Abort. Note that you can abort at any time before actually 'submitting' your sheets.

11. If you need to change or update your dive sheet, just repeat the steps and notify Diving Victoria that a new dive sheet has been submitted. You do not need to submit a new sheet for all events entered, just the event with the change.

12.  Synchro - only one member of a synchro team needs to submit a sheet

13.  Special Notes:

  • Please refer to the competition criteria (order of dives, DD limits, etc) before registering
  • Check your email confirmation carefully.  Dive changes are not allowed after the submission deadline
Make sure that you get to the GREEN SCREEN of Dive Recorder

If your dive sheet is submitted correctly you, and Diving Victoria, will receive an email as confirmation.

Check out this HOW TO video, which includes explanations around EVENT requirements, how to submit a sheet, how to follow along online, and how to find your results after an event. 

If you just want to know how to submit your sheet online...try this shorter video